Brigid’s Well

Entering Brigid's Well

Entering Brigid’s Well

It seems like this time of my life is all about the sacred feminine. This has been manifesting as a connection and guidance from the Great Mother. I see and feel her around me and She comes in white and stands near my heart and crown chakra, blessing me with her nectar. For the Ireland pilgrimage, I felt her guidance so strongly and she guided me to support the woman who were coming with prayer and deep guidance through my dreams and my Pipe.

I knew this trip was also about connecting to the sacred waters on the land and giving offerings, known as “despochos” to the land and waters. Somehow, I knew that these prayer bundles would help in our own healing. Even though I advertised and put out to folks about the trip, there were only three woman. Interesting enough,  we were all healers and light workers and I was told in a shamanic journey that we would all go through a shamanic initiation of death and re-birth.

This was not the typical Irish Tour.

Brigid holding the sacred flame

Brigid holding the sacred flame

We had three places to go : The Boyne and the sacred sites there, Brigid’s Well and Wicklow and Glendalough. We had allot of rain and on the day we were to go to Brigid’s Well the sun was shining and it was a glorious day. After we checked into our B&B’s we found the road to the Well. As we walked in I could feel the power of Her. I could feel this incredible peace and powerful healing as I walked into her sacred space. The sun was setting and the entire West Gate was celebrating that we were there. The West gate is the place of the Woman’s Lodge, stillness and silence. It is where folks go to transition and it is the water element.

I could feel as I opened to her grace the words,” You are my sister. You are my friend, you are my mother.” I repeated this mantra as I walked to her different places to receive her blessings. There was the stream by her statue of her holding the scared flame, the arch with Mary, the Well, and the clootie tree. All were filled with amazing energy of peace and healing. I could feel all the prayers of thousands of pilgrims coming to this sacred place to ask for guidance and healing from the Great Mother, Brigid.

The Well

The Well

But it was when I got to the end where her story was and I knelt down to read it that I felt my heart opening to seeing and understanding who Brigid was as a human being, just like you and me. Brigid was born an orphan and raised by the druids. They saw a power in her as a child and called her, The Woman of the Oak, for her innate wisdom. Brigid loved to heal the poor and specifically woman, children and animals. She taught that being in nature was a sure way of getting closer to God.

Brigid was ordained as a Bishop of Ireland and had a sacred flame that was only to be touched and watched over by the woman. After reading about her life, I returned to the Well and could feel the sunlight from the west connecting to my vulnerable heart. I opened to her with a prayer for healing , for me and all who have lost a child, or a Beloved in some way.

She told me to bath in her waters.

Rose at the clootie tree

Rose at the clootie tree

As I drank, and anointed myself all I could do was feel deep gratitude for being there. I knew from her well, I was being reborn.

Thank you Brigid.

My sister, friend and mother.

Yours always,