Chod: Feeding Your Demons: May 30th, 2015

IndiapilgrimagesRunning away or pushing away our deepest fears and pain is normal…right?? Yes, in our culture it is so easy to take a pill to wipe out the inner voice of pain.

How would you feel if you knew there was a way to “transform” those horrible voices and the demons that haunt you?

Machig Lopdron was a yogini and enlightened being who inspired many with her visionary meditation practice of Chod.

$125 (plus a 3% service charge)
Chod :

She was a simple woman like you and me who had the awareness that suffering was a part of the mind that could be “fed” food to satisfy and embrace the part that is causing pain, with compassion.

In this act, transformation can occur.

Come and join this amazing circle of folks who are willing to “invite their demons into their heart for tea and cookies!” ( what a radical concept!)

We will be doing shamanic teachings from various traditions and using the western approach to the chod practice taught by Lama Tsultrum Allione.

Please come for a day of deep inner healing!

Cost: $125 ( sliding scale if needed)

Please register by May 15th, as the class is half full already.

Location: The Blueberry Gardens Healing Center in Ashton Md.

Times: 10-5

See you there!

Price: $125
Chod :