Full Circle, the story of our pilgrimage to India

The Golden Temple during the Full Moon the end of Feb.

The Golden Temple during the Full Moon the end of Feb.

Two and a half years ago my youngest son, Guru Meher decided it was time for his Star Journey. Needless to say, it was a time for his freedom but for those of us who adored him we had the story and the grief to heal.

I knew as Gu’s Mom that his soul came from the Nectar tank of the Golden Temple. On the night he was conceived I was taken to Guru Amar Das who told me an incredible soul was about to come to our family. He said this soul about to come to us was a great teacher and Guru. So I was not surprised when his name was Guru Meher, which means the Blessings of the Guru.

Since the time of his passing I wanted to take his ashes to India to honor him and to have a healing for our family. It took two and half years to save up the money and find the right time for this journey and sacred pilgrimage.

IMG_0773If you read the article I wrote called ” Sacred Waters” you will remember that when I was in the pond at Rune Hill I was taken to the nectar tank at the Golden Temple. I was told the waters are all connected and the healing that happened at Rune Hill was just the beginning of a circle that would be completed in India.

Our trip was set for Feb 20th to March 14th, 2013. I arrived four days early so I could have some quiet time to connect with my son. With the jet lag it was easy for me to get up at 2am to go to the Harimandir ( Golden Temple). I had four days of deep meditation and prayer as I allowed the Gurbani Kirtan( sacred music) played there to seep into my soul and allow my grief to slowly dissolve. I felt so protected, even though there were so many people there. Sobs and sobs came as I felt in my heart and soul the place my son had come from. At one point, I felt a being of light standing in front of me. He was Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh Guru who was known for his humility and seva. I said to Him,” You remember me?” He smiled and said,” Of course Rose! I have never left you. I will wipe your tears with my beard and hold you as you let go.” And with that, I cried even more until I felt a deep sense of peace.

IMG_0421Then my family arrived and the joy of us actually being there together felt like a miracle to me.

After a week of seeing taylors and getting settled into out hotels it was time to go to the sacred river to do the ceremony with Gu’s ashes.

We travelled to Anandpur and stayed at a beautiful Retreat Center nearby. It was a five hr. drive so we were tired. The place was really beautiful. I was amazed when I found my room that there was a picture of Guru Amar Das above my bed carrying his picture of water to his Guru and there was Guru Ram Das, at my feet.

As I was going to sleep I felt the amazing feeling of a Full Circle.

After the ceremony at the River.

After the ceremony at the River

In the morning we packed up and headed to Kiritpur where the river Satlung is, where ashes of saints, sages and Guru’s have been offered to the river.

I knew we needed to gather in the woods and we did. I found the perfect place. I set up the alter, we had a spirit plate, flowers and I brought my drum, bell, sage and tobacco. As I was beginning to smudge everyone, a Sikh man with an orange turban joined us. He seemed eager to join us and came silently with respect. As I called on the directions Amar Das ( my grandson) offered the tobacco. We then had a moment to share our reflective feeling about Gu. Then, I stepped into the river and released the ashes and the box.

My best friend, Nancy’s husband had passed also and she had given me some of his ashes and Amar Das put them in the river also.

Releasing the ashes. The man with the orange turban was the silent angel present

Releasing the ashes. The man with the orange turban was the silent angel present

We then offered the flowers and spirt plate with deepest gratitude to the Mother.

Afterwards, all I can say is , it felt sweet and complete.

We then drove another five hrs. to Dharmsala and had a great time shopping, eating good food and enjoying the vews of the Himalayas. Oh yeah, also the Tibetan people and His Holiness’s Temple.

Going back to Amritstar for the last week gave us all ( esp. me) time to sit, journal, and let go even more to the Golden Temple. Just to BE.

It was amazing to see a million devotees coming to pray for Shiva’s birthday and then the New Moon right afterwards. It was like a constant parade of color and mothers, children cripples, all sorts of people, all there to pray and come for healing from the sacred waters.

The last night the three girls ( myself, Jai and Tallulah) did our sacred ishnan ( dipping in the waters) which is an experience that is like bathing in liquid light. I felt so blessed to have been there and to have embraced the blessings and light of this very holy and sacred place.

My deepest prayer is to continue to share this light with the world.

All my gratitude for my family who made this possible and to the loving memory of my youngest son, Guru Meher.