Mata Ji Doula Services

Rose doing her Doula work with love!

Rose doing her Doula work with love!

Giving birth is an incredible right of passage, for the mother and the child.

This is where the Doula comes into the picture!

What is a Doula? A doula is a non medical assistant in prenatal care, childbirth and during the postpartum period. The word is Greek and refers to a woman who personally serves the woman.

Doulas are trained support persons who attend to the emotional and physical comfort needs of laboring woman to smooth the labor process.

They do not do all the medical things a midwife or doctor would do. Rather, they use massage, aromatherapy, dietary, heath and positioning suggestions to help labor progress as good as possible.

A Doula joins an expectant mother either at her home or in the hospital and remains with her through the birth and until a few hours after the birth.

In addition to emotional support, Doulas serve as advocates of their client’s wishes as expressed in the Birth Plan, which they are instrumental in assisting the mother prepare.

The Doulas provides kindness and comfort to a woman who is in labor, assisting her during one of the most vulnerable times in her life. It is an important job and not one to be taken lightly.

A Doula is not a midwife but a compassionate support for her birthing journey .

I  have been supporting woman as a healer, teacher, mentor and spiritual advisor for over thirty five years.

What I can offer to my clients as a Doula is yogic support and teachings that are specifically for conscious childbirths.

This could mean simple yoga stretches to strengthen the ever changing pregnant body. Meditations that can be very helpful to calm the mother to be and also to help balance the hormones.

There are foods that can greatly support a pregnant woman’s body before and after the birth.

Before and after birth, cranial sacral therapy can play a significant role in making life better for  newborn, and the family.

Cranial work can help the baby orient while in the womb so they can know if their position is good for birthing. This means that many times the baby will move, turn or straighten for a effective position.

This work is also very effective for balancing the newborns system after the birth as childbirth can be traumatic.

The mother can experience cranial sacral as a supportive, relaxing therapy that can allows her to be balanced and well resourced.

I can not say enough about this powerful work as I have been practicing for over thirty years and have seen so many healings and miracles.

I have also been a massage therapist for forty years.

Simply put, I let me hands take me where they need to go to bring healing and support.

My shamanic background brings in the added spiritual aspect if needed.

Studies have shown that woman who use a Doula have less labor pain.

When we begin our healing journey, I also enjoy supporting the partner of the Mom. Our society has placed unfair expectations on men that they should be an active part in the birth of their children, when historically , men have not been involved at all.

I honor the what the father feels is right for him as childbirth is and always has been the domain of woman.

These are the FIVE FACETS of SUPPORT I will bring as your Doula:

  1. Emotional Support
  2. Physical Support
  3. Informational Support
  4. Partner Reinforcement
  5. Self Advocacy

The Birth Team is incredibly important for the mama’s well being.

It is fitting that teamwork and cooperation should be the human condition that ushers new life into the world.

Few woman in the world truly wish to both on their own, without others present. The birth team in IMPORTANT.

The birth team can create an amazing, memorable experience for al woman, even when medical interventions are required.

When a worm feels empowered by her birth team she will experience less fear and anxiety, and as a result, pain will be more manageable.

There are few things in life more rewarding than helping a woman who is struggling to deliver a baby. Seeing that mama hold the baby for the first time is beyond description and often produces a lasting high.

The true test of a good team is how it copes in a challenging situation. The harder the work, the better you work together.

The Mother is the Coach of the team, and everyone else is there to assist and serve her!  The husband to provide love and and the intimacy.

The Doulas job is every other need she has. Ice chips, back rub, position change, birth dance, music, take pictures, hand holding, encouraging words and mostly, to not leave her side.

The Doula Contract

Business revolves around agreements. You agree to provide a service for someone in exchange for some kind of payment. It sounds simple and it in truth is, but it often goes wrong, and that is why we need contracts.

Money always complicates things, and a good contract makes it very, very simple. You can specify just about anything you want in a contract.

The purpose of the contract is to clearly define the service to be provided and the terms of compensation for those services.

A good contract protects both parties equally. A good contract should allow the mother to feel they are doing something good for herself and the baby.

When we decide to work together, we will write up a Contract that will work for us both.