Description of the 2017 Vision Quest

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The Vision Quest is a powerful time for those in transition, needing spiritual guidance and those who seek   Inner wisdom. It is a spiritual warrior’s time to go deep into the Dreamtime, to connect to what is true and real. To connect to your soul.

The Vision Quest is a time for rebirth, on all levels, and a time for letting go and cleansing.

A spiritual sacrifice can bring many blessings. By fasting alone in nature, and praying with soul purpose, you have the opportunity to awaken the compassionate heart…the warrior and spirit heart. This Quest will be focusing on connecting to your own inner power and the love within that has always been your birthright.  The door will be opened to you if you are willing to walk through it.

When Lauren and I lead the Quest together at Rune Hill.

VQ Course Date: August 9th-16th, 2017

Guides: Rose Khalsa
Cost: $700 donation
Send a deposit to Rose Khalsa at 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington, Ma. 01230

For more info please contact Rose at 413-645-3194 or at or read about other trainings at :

General Itinerary

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Now is the time to start moving on a path of power and purpose that is yours and yours alone. Nature can show you the way. Dive into the waters of your deepest soul. Still waters quests nature-based spiritual programs create a rite of passage for us to embrace our whole selves, our true selves, to discover our individual uniqueness and to unearth the gift we alone carry to the world.

“We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us; it is in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Marianne Williamson


  • The Quest takes place on a seven-day period. We will arrive Wed. night the 9th with time to explore the land, get settled into our lodging, resting and having an opening ceremony, followed by dinner.
  • Thursday the 10th will be a day of deepening our connection to the spirits of the land, sitting in our first Council Ceremony and again exploring the land as we open to the Dreamtime.
  • Friday we will have more teaching find our sites, and have a traditional Inipi ( Sweat Lodge) before bed.
  • At dawn on Saturday, we will move into silence, pray and be part of a fire ceremony, emerging and being guided into nature for our solo time, fasting, and praying for three days and nights.
  • Rose and the supporters will be holding sacred space for all those fasting. This will include daily shamanic journeys to each participant’s spirit allies, along with being checked on daily, with prayers offered for healing and protection.
  • There is a sacred fire lit as you go out for your VQ. The fire represents the heart of the ceremony and a place for refuge. Questers can come to the fire anytime during their solo. They simply need to cover their head with a cloth, so they stay in the energy of their circle.
  • We will have a Pipe Ceremony nightly including all the supporters and fire tenders.
  • Tuesday morning at dawn ( the 15th), Rose will guide each quester back to the sacred fire to end the solo journey and begin the sharing of their quest. This is a very sacred time and most are still very connected to the spirit world.
  • That morning we will be slowly feeding you foods that will allow your digestion to re-awaken. It will be a time for showers, journaling, and deep reflection.
  • Then we will share with our  Sacred Council . This will be a time to share as a sacred circle from our heart what we learned on the land during our Quest.
  • Wed. (the 16th) we will end with time on the land to thank the spirits and make prayers of gratitude. Then, we will have our  “Thank You” meal and a closing ceremony, and a Give-Away to officially end the Quest.
  • Everyone is welcome to stay as long as they would like, they would need to let me know in advance to make arrangements the caretakers.

Accommodations: You will be sleeping in your own tent. You will need to bring sleeping gear, including a warm sleeping bag. There is one shower and bathroom we will all share.

Food: We will be providing wholesome food while we are at base camp. During your solo time, fasting enhances the experience and increases your receptivity to your own soul and to Mother Nature. However, if you need minimal sustenance for health reasons, please select items with care — food chosen for survival, not pleasure. Please also notify us in advance if you have a health condition that necessitates eating during the solo time. Drinking significant quantities of water is necessary to eliminate toxins.

*** Please bring all your own eating utensils that you keep in a bag, along with a cloth napkin.***

Women: Come prepared for menstruation. Early onset is a common occurrence on Vision Quests. When you deeply connect with Mother Earth, the divine feminine bursts forth in all sorts of surprising ways!

The Vision Quest Star Quilt

Fear: Some people expect time alone in nature to be boring. Some can’t wait. Some feel mildly anxious. And for others, the thought of three nights alone is accompanied by great fear and trepidation. Feeling fear is completely normal and we would be surprised — and worried — if you didn’t experience at least some anxiety when embarking on this uniquely intense personal journey. However, if fear about your personal safety becomes overwhelming, it can get in the way. We will discuss all of this during our time together pre-solo and teach you some ways to cope. If you find yourself bothered by a specific concern, please call and discuss it with us. We will be happy to outline the safety precautions in more detail with you at any time prior to the Quest.

Doubts: You will likely be plagued by doubts as the time draws closer and may find seemingly legitimate reasons to back out. Money, work complications, scheduling difficulties, family concerns — these are some of the potential barriers that frequently crop up. Recognize this and know it is part of the preparation process. The sacrifice and effort you make on the path to the VQ will intensify your experience.


We suggest you begin preparing at least a few months if not more  by spending a few moments every day contemplating the quest through prayer, journal writing, walks in the woods, or any other way you can reaffirm your commitment. This will lay the foundation for the main part of the quest, the solo fasting period of three nights and days you spend alone, embraced by nature.


If you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, please contact Rose for details and an application package: Rose Khalsa, 413 645-3194 or read about other trainings at : U.S. Mail: 5 Forest Row Great Barrington Ma. 01230