Merging with Sacred Water

entering the sacred space of healing waters

In August I had the privilege to support seven amazing souls as they walked through the door and crossed the threshold of the Vision Quest.

We had a week of doing ceremony, praying and being on a 200 acre sanctuary known as Rune Hill, a place that was made for spiritual healing.

On the land there were many amazing places to seek refuge and commune with the spirits.

One of my favorite places was the pond on the second meadow.

All the Questers went out after two days preparing and while they were out, myself and the fire tenders , would have three days and nights of sitting by the sacred fire. This was an amazing time. During the day, we had the space to be quiet, rest and hold space and support for the folks in the woods. They could come to the fire anytime to pray while they were out.

Next to the fire was the pond. It was a spring fed, water bed that was surrounded by wild cattails and flowers.

There are not many places where you can be away from the world and swim naked in a fresh body of water.

My entire being felt such amazing healing in that pond.

While the folks where out I spent as much time as I needed feeling the healing of the water, the sky, the sun and all the frogs and tadpoles.

On the last day the Questers were out, I went deep with my own healing process. I allowed the grief of my son’s passing to gently arise as I let the healing waters sooth my soul.

I kept diving in, getting out to lay on the earth, and then getting in again.

Before I knew it I was in a deep meditative space. I began to feel the shift of awareness so my soul expanded into all dimensions.

I began to hear the music ( Gurbani Kirtan) from the Golden Temple in Amritsar India. I sang the songs I knew so sweetly as I could feel my heart also expanding with a mixture of release and healing. My soul was remembering how my son, Guru Meher’s soul came from this place. I know because I was taken there at his conception.

As I was in the pond at Rune Hill, I felt I was merging with the sacred waters of the Harim

the pond at Rune Hill

andir, the Golden Temple. That sacred place is surrounded by a tank of nectar. The waters there are incredibly sacred and powerful.

As I felt one with the sacred waters I felt an incredible peace come over me as I just knew that going to India with my son’s ashes was going to be a spiritual pilgrimage that would not only bring my family closer, but honor Guru Meher the way I felt he needed.

I come to the Great Mother and bow my head and pray.

The power of the Sacred Water.

I come to you with gratitude for what water can do as a profound healing tool.

All waters all over the world, I thank you!