Pachamama ImageTwo weekends ago I was blessed to have shared the Munay-Ki Sacred Rites with our sacred circle.

I wanted to share with the world what I felt during the initiations.

First of all, these rites have been around for thousands of years. The teachings come from the elders from South America.

Why now, are they being shared with the world?

To me it is so simple…because we are experiencing an amazing Shift in the consciousness of the planet. There is a Silent Awakening that is happening everywhere. Some call it the Master Shift.

We as a species of four leggeds, are at a crossroads where we have to change and the word CHANGE means ” transformation” on a core level. This takes so much courage and is truly the path of the “light worker”.

Many years ago there were only a few hundred light workers on the planet. Now there are thousands.

The Munay-Ki Rites are a transmission of light, knowledge and wisdom.Many of the teachings bring divine protection, which is important in these times with so much suffering and intensity on the planet.

There are ancestors and spirit guides who are here and ready to support and guide us on this intense journey to the light, through the darkness that we are all experiencing now on the planet.

The Munay-Ki are seeds of conscious empowerments that are almost like lightning, clearing and illuminating your heart.

The Rites support you to step forward to bring service and your gifts of love and light to humanity. The transmissions attune us to our true, divine nature and are powerful tools for anyone on the spiritual path.

I felt so humbled to be able to bring these sacred Rites to my class and if you ever want to learn them, I would be more than glad to share them as a teaching or in a private session.

From my heart to yours,