Peru Pilgrimage and Vision Quest, 2021…dates not set yet

I invite you to come for an adventure of a lifetime!

The Sacred Valley of Peru.

Give yourself the GIFT of 12 days exploring the magical and spiritual land of the Sacred Valley in the Andes mountains.

Our pilgrimage will include a trip to Lake Titicaca and a Vision Quest at Kinsa Cocha. We will also visit some sacred sites and have time for yoga, rest, meditation, caco and kirtan and of course, shopping!.

We will have two days off and some late afternoons. There is also a Healing Spa right there if you are in need of a massage.

Vilma will also give her famous coco leaf readings.

I alway leave space and time for reflection and time to explore the land.

We will have Ceremonies lead by Rose (the Pipe Ceremony ) and our Quechua brother and sister, Wilson and Vilma Pinedo, who will be gifting us with their Despacho Ceremonies and be our tour guides.

The Vision Quest will be a one day (dawn to dusk) time done in the traditions Ojibwa style.  We will be on the land known as The Three Lakes, Kinsa Cocha.  Only the Quechua live there…and all the nature spirits!

You can google Kinsa Cocha to see where we will be going, it is also known as The Three Lakes.

The Vision Quest is a powerful rite of passage that gives you the opportunity to sit in silence and stillness. When in nature, we have the opportunity to connect to the divine in such a powerful  way.

The land and spirits there are so loving. The mountains ( Apus) are there to carry us, hold us and heal us.

Fasting on water will be an option. There will be a sacred fire that you can come to all day to pray.

Teachings on the Vision Quest the day before.

The lower Lake at Kinsa Cocha

Along the path to the sacred fire at our Vision Quest Site.

So happy to be there!

Blessings of the Land and the Great Mother.

This sacred portal is knows as the Womb of the Mother. The Sky People created Her.

We are a great team of love and support for you, sharing the Peruvian and Native American Medicine with you all!

The portal at Pachar.

Pachar is a very powerful portal of re-birth.

At Lake Titicaca we will get to visit the floating islands. Second full day we go to Aramu Muro (Interdemensional Doorway). A deeply spiritual place! Great to go right before the VQ

We will be staying at Nidra Wasi ( formally Paz Y Luz) Center in Pisac. : rooms are cozy, clean and quiet.


Daya is the Papa Bear of Nidra Wasi. He leads Yoga Trainings there and helps lead the Kirtan and Caco every Thursday.

Our place of rest and rejuvenation! The home of our Peruvian Family.

Check them out on their web site and see the wonderful pictures of the Center and their Spa.

What’s Included:

    • Vilma and Wilson performing Ceremony for us. Here is a nice U Tube about Vilma. Check out “Curandera” by Loren Edward Wheeler on Vimeo. The video is available for your viewing pleasure at  If you like this video, make sure you share it.

      12 days and nights accommodations at Nidra Wasi, and Lake Titicaca. Double beds (you will share a room with someone really awesome!) unless you wish to pay extra… around $200.

    • All ground transportation in Peru.
    • Excursions to Lake Titicaca, Moray, Irene Waterfalls, Kinsa Cocha including all entrance fees. Tips for the van and shamans.
    • Teaching and Ceremonies with Rose and PumaNawi ( Wilson)
    • Vision Quest
    • Breakfast at Nidra Wasi and Lake Titicaca.
  • All bodywork and healing are extra by appointment at the Spa.

NOTE:If you wish to go to Machu Pichu, you can at the end of the trip. We recommend it later so you can get use to the altitude. Wilson can take you as you will need a guide and he will get your tickets . You will need to pay me so I can wire him the money. The group will split paying for Wilson’s train, hotel, and two days payment, plus the van getting to and from the train station back to Nidra Wasi. I comes out to about $375 each.We will figure it out once folks register.

Our beautiful prayer Despacho. When they made it, we all wept. It was a gift from the divine.

Rose and Glenn at the Irene Waterfall.


Total: $2,800. A deposit of $400 is due upon registration Space is limited to twelve.

2016 Vision Quest Peru 2019 :

Itinerary Example

Depart from your local airport. You will need to book a day before to arrive on the 26th, when the Retreat begins.

Day 1 : May 26th:  Arrive in Lima 6:30 am or later if it takes you all day. You may sleep over with our friends who have a BNB. KIKI’s. $50 a night. Miriam and Kiki are wonderful hosts who will pick you up and take you back to the airport as part of their service. Breakfast too.

Depart Lima for Cusco 9:45 or sometime that morning.

Arrive in Cusco 11:15 and get picked up by our taxi.

NOTE: If you come early (meaning a day or two) you will need to pay the  taxi yourself which is 70 soles ($20 US dollars). Some folks like to come a day or two before the event starts. If so, you will have to contact Nidra Wasi and arrange the room.

Arrive at Nidra Wasi, settle in , have lunch and we have our Opening Ceremony and Pipe at night.

Day 2:May 27th

We gather with Vilma and Wilson for our Spirit Despacho Ceremony in the am.

Afternoon we go to Muray to connect to the land. This place is the Womb of the Mother. I will share the Bands of Power which are one of the Munay Ki Rites, which is awesome to do at Muray.

Day 3: May 28th

We go to Arin Waterfall  and the Temple of Water for healing and prayers.

Arin Waterfall

When we come back we can join the Kirtan and Caco Ceremony.

Day 4-6 , May 29th-31st. Lake Titicaca and Aramu Muru

Our Peru Tribe.

Lake Titicaca from our hotel view.


Day 7 June 1st: Day off ,receive healings, get a massage, go to yoga class. Coco Leaf readings with Wilma by appointment.

Day 8: June 2nd:  We will be exploring an Egyptian Portal in The Andes called Naupa Iglesia at Pachar, known for it’s qualities of a spirit door to the otherworld…very shamanic! Last year this place blew our minds! We can’t wait to go back!

Day 9: June 3rd : Teachings on the Medicine Wheel, Vision Quest and preparing for our solo  time on the land at Kinsa Cocha. Pipe Ceremony at night.

Day 10:  June 4th. Our Vision Quest from dawn to dusk.

Day 11: June 5th  Sharing our stories all day with each other. Time to integrate .

Day 12:  June 6th: Last day in Pisac and a day off, closing Ceremony.

Day 13: June 7th: Go to the airport for your home flight.

Airfare & Travel Insurance Not Included
Entry/Exit Requirements

A valid passport is required to enter and depart Peru. Tourist must also provide evidence of return or onward travel. American citizens do not need a visa to enter Peru. Peru does not require any immunizations for entry.


Cost for the pilgrimage is $2,800. A $600 nonrefundable deposit needs to be paid upon registration for the journey and the remaining balance is due one

month before you arrive. If you pay on Pay Pal you MUST do it under Friends and Family so all of the tuition is received for the trip.

There is an Early Bird Registration of $2,600 by October 1st.

Once you register, Rose will send you a form to fill out and send back with passport, health and home information.

Cancelation Policy

Meditation at the Rainbow Lagoon. The Lakes at Kinsa Cocha are much bigger.

If cancellation takes place more than 60 days prior to our departure date, any payment minus your deposit will be refunded. If cancelation takes place between 30-45 days prior to departure, 50% of the trip price will be forfeited. If cancelation takes place less than 30 days, 100% of the trip will be forfeited.

Hope to see you in Peru in May!

Migwich (Ojibway for, with humility I say Thank You)


Sacred Hand Woman ( Tanampe Wakan Wi)