Polarity Therapy for Professionals

Polarity Therapy Currents and the Chakras.

I am delighted to start the New Year of 2020 with an awesome training in Polarity Therapy.

I started teaching in 1987 in Md. That was when The Polarity Center & Shamanic Studies was created.

Here I am, so much older, wiser and STILL in love with this amazing work! My heart is so excited to share this with those who feel the call.

This training is different in other classes in that students need to be a bodyworker already or at least have some experience with Polarity Therapy to be in the training.

Dr. Randolph Stone was an amazing visionary, healer, wise man and the founder of Polarity Therapy.

THANK YOU Dr. Stone, for allowing me to share your work as I feel the world needs this to be shared more than ever.

Come join this intimate training and find easy, powerful tools for supporting yourself, clients and family.










I am accepting eight students. You will need to take the entire training and can pay per class.

This training is a 160 hr. certification program. It is 126 classroom hours and 35 sessions given and received .

You will need to have a phone consultation with me before you register.

These are the dates: Jan 4th, 5th, Feb. 8th, 9th, March 14th, 15th, April 11th,12th, May 9th,10th. June 20th, 21st, July 25th, 26th, Aug 22nd, 23rd, Sept. 19th, 20th.

At the end of the training, you can become a member and certified as a Energy Principle Practitioner ( 120 hrs), with IPEA, The International Polarity Educational Alliance. If you have practice sessions and receive Polarity treatments, the hours go up as far as certification.

The class hours we will be doing bodywork treatments, theory and polarity yoga to support the treatment you have just learned.

Tuition: $2,250 full tuition ($2,050 if paid in full by first class). Otherwise, $250 per class. A deposit of $250 to register, which is for the Sept.weekend.

Here is an outline of the curriculum:

*Polarity Therapy and Chakra Balancing

*Foot Reading and Hand and Foot Reflexology

* Harmonic Zone Chart

* The Three Etheric Currents

* The Triads

* Sessions for the Five Elements

* Air Element and the Central Nervous System

* Fire Rebuilding and the Sunshine Treatment

* Water Element and the Pubic Bone and Moon Centers

* The Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems

* Deeper Earth Treatment

* The Five  and Six Pointed Star

* The Three Nervous Systems

* Kidney and Heart Treatment

* CSF Balancing and the Geometric Pattern of the Skull.


A polarity therapy balancing hold.

A laughing Rose doing one of Dr. Stone’s Squats

You will receive 36 credit hours towards CEU’s.

Please register by having an interview with me and then your deposit sent by November 1st, 2019.

You can pay with a check, cash or Pay-Pal.