Rose’s Healing and Consultation Sessions in Md.

I always feel so blessed to be able to share the work I know and help people heal themselves.

As my Kundalini Yoga teacher always tells us at class… ” Life is an INSIDE job!”

I agree.

Most of my private practice is in Takoma Park Md. Here is my schedule for the rest 2018

Jan 11-17

Feb 15-21

March 21-27

April 19-25

May…in Peru .I will be teaching my class in Mass.

June: 14-19

July 11-17

Aug 8-14


Oct 10-16

Nov 7-13

Dec. 5-11

I will be in Peru leading a Pilgrimage from May 14th-28th.

Info under Peru Pilgrimage on the home page.

When I am at home, I am free most of the time to see clients and to teach.

Go to Lifework under Rose’s Sessions for more info on what I do and fees.

Hope to see you all soon!