Soul Retrieval

After my third son was born I went through a deep passage of death and re-birth. The post-

partum took me deep into a very dark place. I am sure the circumstances of his birth contributed, as he was born two and a half months early.

I was having serious thoughts of ending my life and knew I needed to ask for help.

I prayed.

A friend told me of a  woman nearby who was a shaman.

When I went to see her the first thing she said to me  that I was not in my body and she was wondering how I was functioning.

That moment changed my life, because I knew what she was saying was true. I sat there weeping , with total humility and asked,” How do I get back in?”

She said,” Be committed to your healing and come weekly and we will begin the healing journey”.

Slowly, as I had support from her and other healers, I began to call back parts of myself that had fled ( to another reality outside of myself), to be loved, nurtured and cared for.

This process is called soul retrieval. At this time in my life a door open for me. The path of shamanism and earth spirituality.

I began to see the unhealthy patterns I was in, besides the abusive marriage and a community I had outgrown. This community also had supported my silence as far as not speaking my truth. I needed to get out of the box!! My soul was longing for the sacred feminine, which I slowly began to see as my souls divine food.

I would like to share my experience with soul retrieval, as it was such a pivital part of my own transformation.

The body never lies. It also is very smart and protective of our essence.

When we experience trauma, in any way, there is a part of our soul that checks out, so not to feel the impact.

When someone experiences  trauma, they can have energy holes in their body. This is called being “fragmented.” You can see it in someones eyes. They are not there.

Where these parts hang out is a very real place I call The Dreamtime. It is a reality or dimension that is unseen, but very real.

The shaman, with the help of their guiding teachers, using the drum or plant spirits, journeys to these places in behalf of a client and finds the soul parts. In this sacred place the shaman ask their teachers to heal the soul parts before they bring them back.

In this reality everything happens quickly. The spirits come with compassion for us, as they know how we humans struggle here on earth . It is like traveling into the darkness, until we find the places the souls are hiding.

When our teachers say the soul parts are ready to come back, we blow them back into the clients body and focus on the light coming back to them. The love of these soul parts, are like lost children who have found their way home. It is so beautiful.

Then we support the client to begin the process of integrating this new energy, by first just allowing the energy to sink down into their bones and cells. To go deep.

Then I support them to connect to each soul part, asking them what do they need to feel loved and safe. It’s all about wanting to be responsible for being here, to be willing to be “seen” and share our gifts with the world.

Everyone is different in how long they take to integrate the soul parts back into their being. It all depends on their own psyche.

I encourage time in nature to just be with the new energy. To have quiet time to allow them to speak what they need, since they have come back home.

It is a powerful time to create new patterns and let go of old ways that no longer serve them.

We also look at stolen souls and curses that may have been put on a person or family. These can all prevent a person from living a healthy life and are energies that are “unseen” but very real.

The land and places where there has been tragedy are places that need soul retrieval also.

Soul Retrieval is a path to transformation.

It is a part of the healing story.

Since my first soul retrieval, I have probably had ten or more as I patched together my life. The shaman path is who I have become. And I am seeing the death and re-birth process  as a part of life.

I have been teaching soul retrieval for fifteen years in my training called The Shaman’s Circle.

I hope this encourages you to explore this powerful healing tool.

And, I am happy to say, it was totally worth it!!