The New Earth

Forever I have been hearing about the end of 2012 being the end of the Mayan Calendar and for some they thought it would be the end of the world.

The Great Mother in nature

The Great Mother in nature

Here we are , January of 2013 and the Mother Earth is still here. Father Sky is here also. What happened?

If I can share that my journey, and I can say, many others also,  are on a journey that is about deep, deep change. The real word is transformation. Why this word?

As a collective we are all dealing with unbelievable aggression, sudden earth  and weather changes and the possibility for many, of great loss.

Silently, behind the doors of so many people, regular people like you and me, are simple and courageous folks who are making choices that are out of the box. We are making choices that are inclusive. Having the courage to take responsibility for changes in the world that will allow this Mother Earth to evolve out of intense greed, corruption and deception.

Twenty years ago there were maybe 1,000 Light Workers on the planet.

Now, I would say we are a billion.

Some say Dec.12/12/12 was the day of The Master Shift.

I say yes and more. That it was a gateway to something that can not be stopped. It was the beginning of a wave of moving forward towards a planet that will allow people to live in harmony and peace, no matter the color of their skin, who they choose for a partner and what name they call God, if at all.

Our society for thousands of years has been male driven. This has come to a place that no longer works. Woman are seen as sex symbols, children used for violent crimes and for sale and for many cultures the female is totally a second class citizen.

This needs to change and will change.

It feels like forever, that the sacred feminine has not been respected. And I know She was honored and loved at one time of existence. And at that time, we did live in harmony and peace.

She is emerging. She has been calling us as a humanity for a long time. She tells us that we are All Connected. That ALL humans and all of life here on the planet have been born from Her at some point in time. Because of That, we are on some level, all related.

The collective energy of this Master Shift can be seen in the eyes of our “crystal” and “indigo children.” They will not put up with the lies and old ways , whichIndia is the old paradigm. Many of these young adults will be the leaders of the future.

To help support ourselves on this path of transformation, it can be very helpful to find spiritual community that will continue to support us as we continue to dive down into our heart and soul and move forward into the new energy of the New Earth.

Find places that call to the sacred.

Find circles that will bring you joy, insight, and inspiration. Placed that will give you a sense of belonging, but respecting your choices and your own unique gifts of who you are.

Remember Her. She is Nature itself.

Take time to connect with Her in silence. Listen and allow Her to heal all the wounds of the old ways of being in the world. The one that says you are alone, and not good enough.

How could you not be?

We are all One, born from the Great Mother.