What Has Happened to Our Sons?

Today I had to get out and walk in the wood, to be near nature to help heal my heavy heart as I allowed the impact of the 20 children and adults gunned down at Sandy Hook, Conn.

When I first heard what happened I could not allow myself to go there…to feel the full impact of what had happened. It almost seemed unreal. Another shooting, another act of aggression, by a young male.

As I walked in the woods, crying, I kept finding myself stopping and praying at the creek and just feeling the impact. I asked Creator,” What has happened to our sons?”

My youngest, at 22 took his life. His best friend, George, the same this August. And all the other shootings, young men.

My heart ached as I felt and could see that our world has not been able to support these young men and they have gone over the edge with violence.  I feel, deep despair must be in their hearts.

As a culture and society, and family, how do we support and raise our young men? This is a deep question I ask all of you.

For sure not by torture and extreme trauma that many experience in the military.

Where is the tenderness, the understanding and the guidance that they all desperately need? How do we help them keep their minds clear and healthy?

Many of these young men are “Indigo” children. These are souls who are from a difference energetic code than their older generation. Many of them are supper sensitive and highly intelligent. Many of these young adults have felt like misfits as they have not been ” met” energetically by society.

With all the violence and aggression, I feel there has to be a new way, a different way to support our young adults.

It all begins in our own hearts. Choosing kindness, service, and being open to change.

As I share this message on how we can support our sons, I ask all who read this to take time to reach out to a young adult who is struggling. You could make a different just by letting them know you care and will stand by them.

Life is too precious.