The planet is experiencing transformation on a very deep level. Many of us are being called to service and to listen more deeply to the call of healing, teaching and helping others. I invite you on a journey of exploration. Open your mind to the possibilities of experiencing other dimensions where there are compassionate beings waiting to support you.  I invite you to read what I can offer as a minister, teacher, healer, and mentor. My belief is the student will find the teacher who can connect to their own heart, when the student is ready. I will be writing about many of the true stories that have transformed my life and many of the sacred teachings I have learned on the sacred path.

I truly look forward to meeting you and supporting you in on your life’s journey!

Offices in Great Barrington Mass. and Takoma Park Md.

Vision Quest Peru 2020 is coming!

Rose in Scotland standing with one of the ancient Grandfathers (standing stones). It was here, in Iona, during her Vision Quest that she was able to re-claim some of her joy and receive healing and teachings from some of the most ancient Stone People. Iona is one of the most magical places on the planet.