Rose is extraordinary! Her bodywork session, which was a mixture of energy work and massage was so relaxing, and spiritual and left me feeling like I could deal with my stressful life with a smile on my face!

Thank you Rose!

Katherine M. from Bowie, Md.


I have been a student of Rose and was blessed to be a part of her shamanic training. Rose is sincere, insightful, and a wise woman. She listens to spirit and feels a part of people’s lives with love and teachings , is who she is. From her lessons of ancient knowing, both soul and spiritual growth are the rewards I received.

Eloise Smith Wright

“Healthcare really needs Rose’s incredible expertise. She does an amazing job of intricately working with the person on mental, emotional and physical blockages. In my situation, I was waking up for years in the middle of the night and to my husband’s alarm, screaming. Rose used her expertise in shamanic work to address the issue. Since her work, I have not had another episode. We are going on six months now. Thank you, Rose!” Mara Benner

Mary Andrews

I am so grateful I found Rose. She has helped me in such a powerful way with her skills as a healer, shaman and wise woman.

When I first came to see her I was suffering from depression and anxiety. She has supported me in seeing a new way of being that is filled with practical skills that I have applied to my life in may ways. Thank you Rose!

Paulette Robinson

“The Vision Quest was life changing not only for myself, but for those I prayed for. It helped me to release energy that had been binding me to old patterns and to move forward with my life. I highly recommend it for anyone!”

Paulette Robinson, Bowie, MD

Marie Rodriguez

“My cranial work has taken on a whole new dimension thanks to the techniques I learned while studying with Rose. I found her approach inspiring and easy to apply, not only in treatments but in my daily life. I really appreciated how she colorfully blended elements of shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism and polarity therapy. She truly honors this work as the healing art it is.”

Marie Rodriguez, N.D., Washington, DC

Dr. Mike Brennor

“Rose will help develop your abilities to open the space of healing, and to sustain it, through presence, awareness, intention, and deep caring. Her emphasis is on strengthening the most basic of all practitioner’s skills: listening with compassion and attention, to that which unfolds before you, and within you.”

Dr. Mike Brennor