Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive gentle treatment that incorporates wisdom from the body’s most powerful and intelligent force, known as the cranial sacral fluid.

The breath, within the cranial fluid, is the life force itself and I believe carries the essence of the sacred feminine, the Mother of all life.

The cranial fluids and the healing qualities of the fluids help support the core to release the deepest levels of stress, trauma and body memories held in the body.

Emotionally, this work can support releasing deep patterns, while providing the client resources and space to explore their emotional self, our Dreambody.

This work, combined with shamanic skills, openness of compassion, and divine wisdom, can provide a deep sense of creating safety for resolution of past and present experiences stored in the nervous system.

Cranial work is deeply spiritual and can open the doors to our hearts and souls to allow profound changes in our lives.

This transformational form of healing goes deeper as we explore layers of our being. Our sacred path opens as we become aware that our vulnerable heart is always a doorway to transformation and a blessing that keeps us forever in the intimate and eternal present. In our exploration in this training, we will join together to explore the embodiment of spirit.

Life is a journey of healing and discovery. It is an expression of the universe and spirit, each moment, an unfolding of creation.  Our human system is an expression of this constant, moment to moment opening of creation. This is the Breath of Life, a term used by Dr. William Garner Sutherland to denote the intentions and actions of a universal Life Force at work also known as  Pure Consciousness , or Creative Intelligence. This mysterious energy which we might call God, or the Divine, manifests its creative principle from the moment of conception until the day we die. This is expressed within the embryo as cellular motion and growth.

This energy within the fluid has the ability to self correct and heal every part of our being.  There is an essential blueprint for health that is carried in the potency, which acts as a powerful ordering principle at a cellular level. This integrates the physiological functioning of all the body systems.

When we sit with a client and hold the space for this Intelligence to be awakened, healing can unfold on all levels of our being. We can bring awareness, stillness and a deep sense of coming home as the nervous systems release and self correct.

The Breath of Life is the innate Creative Intelligence that is the prana, or liquid light, the cerebral spinal fluid itself. Dr. Sutherland said that the Breath of Life generates a biodynamic potency within the fluids of the body. This is an ordering system which orchestrates the form and function of the human body-mind. This potency maintains the health of every cell and tissue, and allows them to function in specific ways. The unfolding of the human system is a living biodynamic process in which the Breath of Life is constantly manifesting and unfolding.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, is a feminine approach, working closely with the Breath of Life, meaning it is inclusive and allowing of what is, with an emphasis on perceptive and intuitive skills. The focus is on creating such a sacred space that the body opens to the unfolding of health and goodness.

The Biodynamic approach combined with a visionary and shamanic presence, is an effective and healing form of treatment for a wide range of illness, helping to create health, vitality and wholeness.

It is an excellent modality for anyone including children, infants, elderly and for acute and chronic illness.

This work is a cutting edge Energy Medicine. It works gently but powerfully with the core, releasing energy in the brain, spinal cord, all the organs, the central nervous system as well as all the fluids that bath them.

For over 25 years, Rose has practiced and taught Polarity Therapy and Shamanic Healing. Even though she has practiced craniaosacral for just as long, it has only been in the last seven years she has been teaching her unique style of cranial work, combining shamanic and Buddhist teachings.

I want to show my gratitude for the visionary healer, Dr. William Sutherland, who dedicated his life to understanding and teaching the spiritual awareness of The Breath of Life and cranial work from a biodynamic perspective.  It is the most deeply spiritual and powerful form of healing I have ever experienced. I also want to thank Franklin Sills and Kathy McNerney who were my first craniosacral teachers over 25 years ago. Special thanks to Mike Boxhall for supporting me to teach when I needed his support and for all my spiritual teachers for keeping me on the Dharma Path.

Rose is a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, who has been serving the community with her work for over thirty years. She combines her shamanic skills plus Somatic Experiencing to create a firm foundation for slow and steady transformation.

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