Polarity Therapy Foundation Training

Polarity Therapy Certification Training

Starts March 2024in Md and Sept in Mass.

A  NCBTMB Approved Provider

This program, which is 160 hours, is the first level of Polarity Therapy competency and serves as the foundation for all students interested in becoming an Advanced Polarity Practitioner. This course introduces the principles and theoretical bases of Polarity Therapy while focusing on learning how to trace and feel energy. The emphasis is placed on personal growth as the students are guided through their own individual journey of healing and gain a deep understanding for the work and processes of Polarity Therapy.

After the completion of this  program, including classes in nutrition and cleansing techniques, Polarity theory, Bodywork, Polarity Yoga, communication skills, and Energetic Anatomy, the student will be asked to join the International Polarity Education Alliance, to receive your certification as a Polarity Therapy Practitioner (PTP). Certification through the Polarity Center will be given as a diploma of completion and will be recognize from the IPEA.

The Foundation training is 160 hrs and the cost is $2,925( $325 a class) ( not including books which is around $100)

Books required: Health Building  Dr. Randolph Stone, The Polarity Process by Franklin Sills, Polarity Therapy 1&2 by Dr. Stone

All students will receive a full syllabus at the first class

This is the Outline for the Training:

1) Into. to Polarity Therapy including Modes of Touch, the Gunas, Energy Theory, the General Session, and the Chakra Balancing  Session

2) Cleansing, Self Care, Foot and Hand Reflexology, Zone Harmonics

3) Three Geometries, The Three Currents

4) Ether Element, working with the joints and space

5) Air Element including the cardiovascular and respiratory  system

6) Fire Element, working with the liver, digestion, pancreas and gall bladder

7)Water Element including the lymphatic and endocrine system

8) Earth Element, cleansing diets, the colon, skin and elimination

9) Business and Ethics

All four elements we will be learning the Triads, or as Dr. Stone calls them, the Triune Function.

All classes will include Polarity Yoga, Nutritional Awareness and Meditation and time in nature.


“Rose radiates a Love for all Life, a Presence of Healing Compassion and exuberant Energy that enlightens her teaching. Her deep understanding of the Principles of Polarity not only comes through in her teaching, but is the very fabric of her life.
She is truly someone who lives and models the highest essence of Polarity Therapy. I highly recommend her Polarity programs to anyone who wants to learn Polarity as a profession and transform their Life.”

Most sincerely,
Dr. Damon T. Fazio, ND, RPP, LMT

Dates for the Md class:in Silver Spring Md. 2024: Every other month, Sunday and Monday: March 10, 11, May 5, 6 June 30, July 1, Aug 25, 26, Oct 13,14, Dec. 8th, 9th, 2025: Feb 8,9, April 6, 7, last class, June 8, 9. Dates for Mass class: At the Mt Toby Quaker House in Leverett MA. One Thursday and Friday a month: 2024: Sept. 19, 20, Oct. 17, 18, Nov.14, 15, Dec.12, 13, 2025: Jan.16, 17, Feb. 13, 14, March 13, 14 April 12,11, 8, 9, June 5, 6 is the last class.

Polarity yoga

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