Advanced Polarity Therapy Training

At this high level of training, the focus is on preparing the student with the skills, techniques, and capabilities necessary for a professional practitioner.

The advanced training delves deeper into the “heart” of Polarity; the students undergo a guided evolution through an understanding of the Five Elements, and a solid ability to integrate the body, mind, and spirit in healing work. The training will include supervision and feedback on Cranio-sacral, Nutritional Counseling, Polarity Yoga, and Counseling Skills. Extensive work with the Nervous Systems, Structural Balancing, and Sound (using tuning forks, etc.) will also be covered. Upon completion of this training, the student will receive a certificate from the Polarity Center.

I encourage students to become a member of The International Polarity Education Alliance to be part of a larger community.

Please note that you will need to study anatomy and physiology on your own in an external course

  • Full 300-hour program , plus ( 100 hrs of your own anatomy and physiology studies)
  • COST: Most students  do the advanced training one on one with Rose. This is a Mentor Style training and is quite valuable as Rose has been in practice and teaching for thirty years. Rose has the opportunity then to meet each student where they are with their own special gifts.  She asks for $60 an hr. when she teaches like this. This class is upon request.


The training is intended for beginning level practitioners who wish to continue their professional studies, working toward advanced level certification. Please contact Rose and discuss what you need and she will meet you there the best she can.

Rose Khalsa, PTP , PTE ( polarity therapy practitioner and educator) – Main Instructor

Certification Requirements

  • Successful Completion of  Program
  • Attendance is required for at least 85 percent of the classroom time
  • Scoring at least 85 percent on all examinations
  • One-on-One Interview with Instructor

The Polarity Center and Shamanic Studies is based at

Mailing Address:
22 Bisbee Rd, Chesterfield, Ma, 01012

Telephone number: 240-441-7673