Shamanic Peru Pilgrimage, May 14-28th, 2018

YEAH!!! We are going to Peru!!

Meditating at Machu Pichu

Drumming and singing our Morning Sun Song.

The Sacred Valley is calling to us all! Click here to download the PDF.

Come for a two week pilgrimage where the land, mountains and the sky are filled with amazing prana! And the people are so loving!

I am super excited as we decided to take everyone to Machu Pichu AND Ausangate.

Last year I was blessed to have gone to Peru for my first pilgrimage.

I knew in my soul I needed to go to release the past trauma of my son’s death.

Isidro, the shaman at Ausangate, told me that I had been there for many lifetimes and will keep coming back.

He was right.
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Shamanic Apprenticeship Training for 2018 in Mass.

New Shamanic Training in Great Barrington,  Mass. starting March 29th , 2018

The Mass. class will be  every other Thursday. Starting date is March 29th, .

Locations: The Polarity Center & Shamanic Studies, 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington, Mass.

The Medicine way is to give tobacco to your teacher. I ask for this with a letter of why you wish to study with me. This will be on the alter for the entire nine months.
I am not doing deposits for this class. It feels better to work on an Honor System since this is an Apprenticeship class. You will pay when you come to class. Checks or cash please.


Come and join me in a sacred circle of ancient teachings of wisdom and compassion

Come and join me in a sacred circle of ancient teachings of wisdom and compassion

Starting in January and March , Rose will be starting two new apprenticeship training. The Mass class  for nine months , the Md. class for a year.  We will gather two Thursdays a month in Mass,  and one Sunday  a month in Dunkirk Md.

This is a personal journey of studying in a small group with a medicine elder who has been teaching and in private practice for over thirty five years.

Testimonial: ” I have been a student of Rose and was blessed to be a part of the Shamanic Training. Rose is sincere, insightful, and a wise woman. She is a woman who listens to spirit and with love she teaches to the people. From her lessons of ancient knowing, both soul and spiritual growth are the rewards I received.”  Eloise Smith Wright

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Rose’s Healing and Consultation Sessions in Md.

I always feel so blessed to be able to share the work I know and help people heal themselves.

As my Kundalini Yoga teacher always tells us at class… ” Life is an INSIDE job!”

I agree.

Most of my private practice is in Takoma Park Md. Here is my schedule for the rest 2018

Jan 11-17

Feb 15-21

March 21-27

April 19-25

May…in Peru .I will be teaching my class in Mass.

June: 14-19

July 11-17

Aug 8-14


Oct 10-16

Nov 7-13

Dec. 5-11

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2017 Vision Quest in Hillsdale, NY, Berkshires

pathway to the woods

pathway to the woods

I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching on fire.

I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise.

I choose to risk my significance, to live so that which came to me as seed, goes to the next blossom, and that which came to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.

-Dawn Markova-


New location in Hillsdale, NY, in the Berkshires

August 9th-16th



The forrest and the stream

The forest and the stream








We are blessed to have a beautiful place to take folks out to Vision Quest.

Hillsdale is right in the Berkshires, close to the Mass. border.

We will have 80 acres on private land to explore deeply the self and the soul through a week of teachings, ceremony and three days and nights solo in the woods.

These mountains here are so powerful. Since I moved here two years ago I have felt their support and my body and soul have found new places of rest and simple knowing.

It is quiet, remote and wild enough to give folks a real sense of being connected to nature and the spirits on the land, without the distraction of the outside world.

I am delighted that they have opened their hearts and home to allow us to have our Vision Quest there.

We will work together as community. I will be going up there this week to put down tobacco, do some ceremony and introduce myself to the spirits and ask their blessings to do a week of Vision Questing there this summer.

I am super excited to share this adventure with you and please listen deep in your heart if you are ready for the call of your heart to give yourself permission to open and open more to who you really are.

If you are ready for this, you should call me ASAP so you have some time to prepare.

Hm is 413-645-3194 and cell 240-441-76743.


Migwich and Peace To You All!!!



Sacred Hand Woman








The forrest takes you deep into the wisdom of the land.

The forrest takes you deep into the wisdom of the land.


Sacred Grandfather await your arrival.

Sacred Grandfathers await your arrival.







Still Waters Vision Quest

Removed from the distractions of modern daily life, guided by your own true nature, and the wild nature around you, dive into the still waters of your soul and find your authentic voice, the one that longs to be heard.

The demands of daily life give us no time to pause, reflect and listen to the voice of our hearts. The Vision Quest is a nature-based rite of passage that has been used in some form since the dawn of man in the search for inspiration.

To open the soul to the universal language of nature, our Quest relies on ancient traditions updated to fit our modern world. This vision quest is based on the simple premise that prayer and spiritual connection to nature can open our hearts and reveal answers to the deepest mysteries of life.


As if three days of solo time in the woods weren’t already a huge gift in a life filled with business and over-stimulation, the sacred and loving support of Rose added immeasurable strength and depth to my time in the Deep. My Vision Quest journeys continue to resonate in my life with wise guidance, deeper awareness of the support of Spirit, and the ‘unexpected gift’ of continued journeys with my fellow Questors.” Becky Carroll, PhD, Washington, DC

This year VQ will be in Hillsdale NY, in the Berkshires.

Here’s our Vision Quest Schedule & Description:

VQ Course Date: August 9th-16th, 2017

Guide: Rose Khalsa

If you want to do the quest, please contact Rose for preparations.

Application: Send to Rose Khalsa, 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington. Ma., 01230

Cost: $700, sliding scale available.

Send a $200 deposit made out to Rose Khalsa

2016 Vision Quest :

Price include 3% charge for credit card processing.

For more info please contact Rose at 413-645-3194 or at

Guides: Rose Khalsa, the fire tenders, supporters and cook.

Munay-Ki, Illuminate Your Spirit and Open Your Heart

Pachamama ImageSeptember 5th, 6th, 2015

The Munay-Ki are the initiation rites of the Q’ero shaman’s of the Peruvian Andes. They are a series of nine energy transmissions to help heal our soul’s wounds by clearing and illuminating our luminous energy fields. These rites attune us to our divine nature, and as a human race we all are experiencing the Silent Awakening. The Mayan calendar and the elders dreamed this many years ago and we are just now, getting ready to walk through the door. These rites are a powerful support for anyone on a spiritual path. The shamans say these rites are a path of fire and lightning to support us in seeing our true nature.

As part of our Vision Quest as humans, these rites assist our awakening and help to assist in our remembering we are radiant beings of light!

We invite you to receive these seeds of conscious empowerment. We will share from our heart to yours:

  • Receive the 9 Great Rites of Enlightenment
  • Learn how to open sacred space
  • Receive energetic protection and guidance
  • Connect with Spirit
  • Open your heart and receive deep healing
  • Learn to share these rites with others
  • Align to your highest self
  • Make a group Despacho for gratitude.

The weekend will be lead by Rose Khalsa.

Cost: $250 Send a check or go through PayPal. PayPal price is $257.50 because it includes a 3% credit card processing fee.

Munay-Ki, Illuminate Your Spirit and Open Your Heart :

Location: Blueberry Gardens Healing Center in Ashton Md.

Times: Saturday: 9:30-5pm and 9:30 to 6pm Sunday

For more information, click here or call 413-645-3194

Register by Aug. 15th as there is a booklet that goes with the class.

Polarity Therapy Certification Training: Upon Request

I am teaching Mentorship Style trainings which is a wonderful way to earn. It is like an Apprenticeship.

If you are interested, please contact me at 413-645-3194.


Price: $2,400
Deposit: $200 Send payment to: 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington, Ma 01230, made out to Rose Khalsa
Polarity Therapy Training :

Price include 3% charge for credit card processing.

Apprenticeship Class in Visionary Craniosacral Work, 2019

The Sacred Matrix and the Chakras

Class will be in Great Barrington, Mass.

Please let me know if you are interested.

For over 35 years, I have been practicing Craniosacral Therapy. I have worked on hundreds of people and have learned much on this journey.

I have studied with many teachers and have found that Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to be the deepest and most powerful way to support health and transformation.

Most of the work we will learn is from the Biodynamic system, which is a totally different way of working than Biomechanical, which is from the Upledger tradition.

Being a shaman and someone who uses mantras and prayers when I work, I have developed my own way of working that incorporates simple shamanic tools that I have found to be very helpful when doing craniosacral.

This class is for six student who would like to study with me.

We will meet for a three day Module every other month, starting in Feb.

I will post what we will cover and it will unfold as the class unfolds.

My goal is to cover the material in eight Modules.

As an apprentice, you can work closely with me and vise versa.

It is an excellent way to learn.

I ask that you commit to the entire training to keep the integrity of the class.

The entire training  you can receive 39 hrs of CEU’s from NCBTMB as I am an Approved Provider.

Each Module is $375

Class will begin 2019

  • Jan. 26-28th
  • March 22-24
  • May: 24-26
  • July: 26-28
  • Sept.20-22
  • Nov. 15-17


  • Jan. :24-26
  • March: 20-22
  • May:22-24
  • July: 24-26

You will need to send a deposit of $375 that goes towards the last class.

Payment for each class is due one week before.

You can pay using Pay Pal, send a check or pay in cash.

When you apply, please write me an application letter stating why you wish to study with me and what you would like to get out of this training. I also like to know what support you receive as far as bodywork as this class can bring up deep issues and I want you to have therapeutic support outside of

The Breath of Life

the classroom.

We will cover in this class:

  • History of Cranial Work
  • The Original Matrix and CS Concepts and The Breath of Life
  • Primary Respiration and The Breath of Life
  • The Three Tides
  • Presence and Listening and Boundaries
  • Stillpoints
  • Five Core Aspects
  • Perception and Asesement
  • Resourcing and working with Trauma
  • The Dura, Falx , Tentorium and the Diaphrams
  • Fulcums and Dynamic Stillness
  • The Ventricles and Brain Nerves
  • The Bones
  • Inherent Treatment Plan and the Holistic Shift
  • Inertial Fulcrums
  • The Sphenoid and the SBJ
  • Facial Dynamics and Hard Palete
  • Compression Issues and TMJ
  • Shamanic Clearing of Entities in the Energy Field
  • Bon Mantras  for each Chakra
  • Venous Sinus Drainage

If you need to know more about Biodynamic Work, look under Lifeworks on my home page and read under Biodynamic Craniosacral.

I would encourage you to receive a session from me also if you have not experienced the work.

Please feel free to call me also with questions. 240-441-7673 or-email me at

Price include 3% charge for credit card processing.

You can also e-mail me at for my info.

This training is a provider of CEU’s

for the NBMTC for 39 hrs.

Rose’s cranial work has evolved over 35 years of practicing and teaching,

combining the wisdom from a biodynamic and shamanic approach to craniosacral healing.

For more information, please look under Life Work on the Home Page and you will go to the page for info on Biodynamic Craniosacral Work.

Hope to see you there!