Chod: Feeding Your Demons: May 30th, 2015

IndiapilgrimagesRunning away or pushing away our deepest fears and pain is normal…right?? Yes, in our culture it is so easy to take a pill to wipe out the inner voice of pain.

How would you feel if you knew there was a way to “transform” those horrible voices and the demons that haunt you?

Machig Lopdron was a yogini and enlightened being who inspired many with her visionary meditation practice of Chod.

$125 (plus a 3% service charge)
Chod :

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Compassionate Death, May 16th, 23rd, 30th and June 6th, 2016

A Shamanic Training for those interested in spiritually helping those

on their Star Journey.

dragon on waterThis class will be taught four Monday nights at 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington, Ma.

Come join Rose as she shares her wisdom on the Tibetan Buddhist and shamanic teaching on releasing this body to your star journey, also known as the final transition or death.

Price: $2oo. Sliding scale upon request.

Register by May 9th

Compassionate Death, $2oo :

Price includes 3% charge for credit card processing.

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Making My Drum

For many years I have had drums that I have used for my shamanic and ceremonial work. I know they are sacred and I sometimes refers to my shamanic drums as my second car. They take me places.

When I heard that my elders from Canada, Tina and Josh, were coming down to teach a Drum Making Workshop I knew I needed to be there. Even though I already had many drums.

The drum has been in my energy field the last few months.

The sacred drum

The sacred drum

When I was in Ireland in Sept. leading a pilgrimage I took my Celtic drum to be awakened and blessed by the Oak Trees in Glendalough. That drum was gifted to my sweet sister when I came home. I knew she needed it as the drum connects to the heart. It can heal the heart when you pray with it. She needed that Celtic drum with all those prayers as her husband  and soul mate had passed a year ago.

I was glad to give it to her.

As I was entering the space for Josh and Tina’s class I felt a sense of deep wonder and excitement. I knew I was coming to a new place in my own heart. When I made my drum I was surrounded by community. Josh helped as the hide tore a bit and then Gayle and Abby came to the rescue to help me re-string the back to make the drum balanced. I loved that they all used their loving hands in making my drum. I could feel all the love.

Josh and the elders taught us how to bless the drum for seven days and at the end to feed the drum with berries and water. He shared about the Full Moon and how powerful it is to let the light of Grandmother Moon bring healing energy to the drum.

We all promised to pray with our drum every Full Moon and that this would keep us connected. We ended the day with a powerful Pipe Ceremony to give thank for the day and the magic of making our drums in community.

As soon as I got home I was in a class for a week and I brought my drum daily to awaken the energy. All the healing and love from the class also came into my drum.

My seventh day of blessing was the last day of my class and we came in circle and shared from our hearts. The berries, water and my song I say awakened my new drum. This drum sits by my bed. It is a drum I now use to pray for my Beloved to find me. When he does, this drum will be OUR LOVE DRUM.

How cool is that?


Munay- Ki, Illuminate your Spirit and Open your Heart

December 8th, 9th, 2012

Elder from the Mayan calendar have shared their dream of the “shift of consciousness” opening December 21st of 2012.

Price: $280
Munay-Ki :

We ARE the Silent Awakening! The time is here, right now. Click here for more details!

Mary Andrews

I am so grateful I found Rose. She has helped me in such a powerful way with her skills as a healer, shaman and wise woman.

When I first came to see her I was suffering from depression and anxiety. She has supported me in seeing a new way of being that is filled with practical skills that I have applied to my life in may ways. Thank you Rose!

The Chod Practice

pilgrimagesThe Tibetan people have thousands of years of spiritual knowledge that is available for the opportunity to awaken.

I was blessed in my Tibetan shamanic studies to have learned the ancient practice of chod.

There was a holy woman named Machig Lopdron who lived in Tibet. In her deepest meditative  initiation she encountered facing a part of her mind that held fear. This was manifested as a Naga ( snake spirit). In her awakend state she “fed” the snake demon her body as food, so the suffering spirit could be satisfied. In so doing, she allowed the Naga to gain merit and lessened the karma or pain of the spirit.
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