Spiritual Healing or Shamanism looks at the “spiritual” source of illness. With the aid of spiritual guidance, issues of ‘power’, ‘physical illnesses’ and ‘soul loss’ can be restored to balance. This healing work can transform your life. It helps to create change and can aid in restoring spiritual power and good health. Through these classes you will learn to heal yourself by opening up to the spirits, and allowing your creative, intuitive, powerful self to shine! The Polarity Center offers on-going classes to give you the tools for accessing your own power and deepening your commitment to personal empowerment.

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“I walked into Rose’s shamanic class longing for a women’s circle! What I found was a loving, caring, wise woman who taught me to open to earth’s sacred heartbeat and contact a lost part of myself. Through journeying, mask making, shield making, and soul retrieval training, I have been healing, transforming, and discovering my inner spiritual core. Rose’s teachings are a higher calling to continue beyond personal healing to share, heal, and transform others. Ho!”

Nina Gibson, Former Student

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