Polarity Therapy

The Polarity Center offers courses in Polarity Therapy on a variety of levels:

Rose will be offer her first class on Polarity Therapy for Professionals, starting in Jan and ending in Sept. Please look under Courses for all the info. It will be in Great Barrington, Mass.

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Polarity Therapy Certification Program: This program is the first level of Polarity Therapy competency. This foundation level training is 160 hrs and for many, is a wonderful foundation for starting a polarity therapy practice. This can be easily integrated into other forms of bodywork. Less stress on the body as the energy creates the changes.
Advanced Polarity Therapy Training : This is for the serious practitioner. We go into depth with the Nervous Systems Treatments, Structural Balancing and more on working with the Five Elements. This training is upon request.

The Polarity Center & Shamanic Studies is an approved provider for the NCBTMT

All Trainings are in alliance with the International Polarity Education Alliance and will provide certification as a Certified Polarity Practitioner upon completion of the training with the registration fee. You will also receive a certification from my school and a transcript if needed for continuing education hours.

Polarity Therapy Certification Program ( 160 hrs)

Polarity Therapy was taught at Kripalu many years ago. It has become a dying art and with Rose’s spiritual connection to Dr. Stone, has committed to bring his work back to this sacred land, the Berkshires.

It was in a meditation that Dr. Stone spoke to Rose and said to start small and teach in the mentorship style which is one on one. In his own words he said,” Keep it small Rose, and go deep with the work. Special souls will come and find you. All of my blessings .”

Teaching one on one is a real blessing, for me and the student. In this way, I can tell if my student is doing the work correctly and also meet them where they are as far as their knowledge of energy work.

Cost: $2,400  Working in a mentorship style you cover 3 hrs with one. So, it is much less time for the same amount of material taught. We end up with 40 hours classroom time. There are additional hours for your practice and receiving sessions that are added into the certification.

Each class will cost $60 an hr. It is up to the student to figure out how many hours they want per class. Most do 4-6 and have time in between to practice.

You can apply for the training by talking to Rose.

BE THERE to make a difference in your healing practice and be part of the new generative principle of polarity therapy coming alive!

Polarity Retreat with Rose in 1993

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