Shamanic Apprenticeship Training for 2017 in Mass.

New Shamanic Training in Mass. starting in January, 2017

Location: The Polarity Center& Shamanic Studies, 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington, Ma

Price: $1,800 ( $200 per month)
Deposit: $2oo  Send payment to: 5 Forest Row, Great Barring ton., Ma 01230, made out to Rose Khalsa

Apprenticeship Training :

Price include 3% charge for credit card processing.

Come and join me in a sacred circle of ancient teachings of wisdom and compassion

Come and join me in a sacred circle of ancient teachings of wisdom and compassion

Starting in January , Rose will be starting a new apprenticeship training that will go for nine months.  We will gather one weekend a month, for nine months.

This will be the first Apprenticeship training Rose will be teaching in Mass. She will be accepting ten students.You need to commit to the entire training and payment for each weekend, even if you miss one.

This is a personal journey of studying in a small group with a medicine elder who has been teaching and in private practice for over thirty five years.

Testimonial: ” I have been a student of Rose and was blessed to be a part of the Shamanic Training. Rose is sincere, insightful, and a wise woman. She is a woman who listens to spirit and with love she teaches to the people. From her lessons of ancient knowing, both soul and spiritual growth are the rewards I received.”  Eloise Smith Wright

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The Chod Practice

pilgrimagesThe Tibetan people have thousands of years of spiritual knowledge that is available for the opportunity to awaken.

I was blessed in my Tibetan shamanic studies to have learned the ancient practice of chod.

There was a holy woman named Machig Lopdron who lived in Tibet. In her deepest meditative  initiation she encountered facing a part of her mind that held fear. This was manifested as a Naga ( snake spirit). In her awakend state she “fed” the snake demon her body as food, so the suffering spirit could be satisfied. In so doing, she allowed the Naga to gain merit and lessened the karma or pain of the spirit.
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