Shamanic Apprenticeship Training for 2018 in Mass.

New Shamanic Training in Great Barrington,  Mass. starting March 29th , 2018

The Mass. class will be  every other Thursday. Starting date is March 29th, .

Locations: The Polarity Center & Shamanic Studies, 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington, Mass.

The Medicine way is to give tobacco to your teacher. I ask for this with a letter of why you wish to study with me. This will be on the alter for the entire nine months.
I am not doing deposits for this class. It feels better to work on an Honor System since this is an Apprenticeship class. You will pay when you come to class. Checks or cash please.

Come and join me in a sacred circle of ancient teachings of wisdom and compassion

Come and join me in a sacred circle of ancient teachings of wisdom and compassion

Starting in January and March , Rose will be starting two new apprenticeship training. The Mass class  for nine months , the Md. class for a year.  We will gather two Thursdays a month in Mass,  and one Sunday  a month in Dunkirk Md.

This is a personal journey of studying in a small group with a medicine elder who has been teaching and in private practice for over thirty five years.

Testimonial: ” I have been a student of Rose and was blessed to be a part of the Shamanic Training. Rose is sincere, insightful, and a wise woman. She is a woman who listens to spirit and with love she teaches to the people. From her lessons of ancient knowing, both soul and spiritual growth are the rewards I received.”  Eloise Smith Wright

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Compassionate Death, 2018 in Maryland and Mass.

A Shamanic Training for those interested in spiritually helping those on their Star Journey.

dragon on waterThis class will be taught in Md and 5 Forest Row, Great Barrington, Ma. I am inviting others to come to my Apprenticeship Class for this topic.


 Md class on SUNDAY, July 15th and August 19th in a private home in Dunkirk.

Great Barrington classes are on THURSDAY, July 19th, August 2nd.

Come join Rose as she shares her wisdom on the Tibetan Buddhist and shamanic teaching on releasing this body to your star journey, also known as the final transition or death.

Price: $150 per day. Sliding scale upon request.

Compassionate Death, $150 :

Price includes 3% charge for credit card processing.

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Meeting the Bone Mother: Sept. 14th, 2013

Basking in the sun. The new life!

Basking in the sun. The new life!

We were in Ireland for our pilgrimage and visiting our last sacred site while in the Boyne. Each morning we would have breakfast, meet for some Celtic teachings and have our circle. This was our last day there and we were going to one of my favorite sites in Ireland, known as Loughcrew, the Hill of the Hag. When the tourist buses come they describe this sacred mound as a burial tomb. I know this place to be a home where ceremonies have been performed for thousands of years.

It is the home of the Calliach, known as The Bone Mother. We had our teachings, did a shamanic journey to her and we made a despocho, which is a prayer bundle. The Bone Mother is also known as the Wolf Mother. She is the spirit on the land who gathers all the grief and suffering from the land and she takes in into her cave as bones. There she sings the wailing song and transforms all the suffering so that new life can come forth.

Meeting the Bone Mother 2

Top View after we sang and danced

The Calliach is a powerful force and at the same time, she is merciful and compassionate. I was feeling her working me that morning. In our sharing circle I spoke of my son’s third year memorial coming in a week and just felt the heaviness of the grief in my heart.

I knew this was a safe and very powerful place to bring this pain.

We made the despocho filled with our stories of our sadness, grief and places and people we knew who were in pain. We bundled it up and found our way to Loughcrew. As we were climbing the hill, it was cool and cloudy. A bus full of tourist arrived as soon as we got there and I was not too happy about it. I had this whole plan to go inside ( you need the key) to do a ceremony with candles. We ran up the hill to get there before all the old folks arrived and had a few moments inside.

The Bone Mother’s Seat

The Bone Mother’s Seat

Inside Loughcrew is like going inside the womb of the Great Mother. I felt so blessed to be there with my three sisters, who I had shared deep experiences so far. We gave offerings, inside and outside and prayed, mostly in silence as the energy was so powerful.

Then, the tourist man came and insisted that we leave which was OK but it put me in a state of confusion. I could feel intense energy in my heart. I crawled out and waited until the folks

were going back down the hill. The four of us found a circle of stones right next to the Carin. Being in the open space was where we needed to do our ceremony. We all checked in and I could not hold back anymore. Marie, one of the pilgrims, told me it was OK to let go. I said I needed to scream and it all came out. I felt waves of grief. I wailed like a wolf. I became primal. It felt so freeing and with all the support of my sisters and the land, I let go even more.

Front of Loughcrew

Front of Loughcrew

Black was transforming to light. Confusion and pain turning into openness and a deep sense of freedom. I had become the Bone Mother. When I came back to myself, we all had a good laugh and the sun came out. From there we made a fire and burned all the notes and prayers folks had sent to be transformed on the land. We laughed some more, prayed, sang some songs and found a place to bury the despocho.

It felt good to place it in the land, behind some stones, as this place was the stone home.  With the warmth of the sun, we celebrated new life, and being able to see with new eyes. Letting go is a true blessing. As we walked back to our car and the sun was setting, I found many hawthorn trees along the path.

Offerings and burning the prayers

Offerings and burning the prayers

This plant medicine is used to strengthen the heart. I place a few clooties and prayed for forgiveness and prayers for my family and loved ones back home.

This was the “death”part of our journey. Brigid’s Well, which we went to the next day, was the Rebirth.

This is the shaman’s path.

I have realized being home now for a few weeks, that this felt like a completion of some karmic debt I had around Guru Meher’s passing and my ability to open my heart even more to love. I am glad to be back home in the Berkshires, and feel the mountains and trees connected to the land in Ireland.

Rose inside Loughcrew

Rose inside Loughcrew

Apprenticeship Class in Visionary Craniosacral Work, 2019

The Sacred Matrix and the Chakras

Class will be in Great Barrington, Mass.

Please let me know if you are interested.

For over 35 years, I have been practicing Craniosacral Therapy. I have worked on hundreds of people and have learned much on this journey.

I have studied with many teachers and have found that Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to be the deepest and most powerful way to support health and transformation.

Most of the work we will learn is from the Biodynamic system, which is a totally different way of working than Biomechanical, which is from the Upledger tradition.

Being a shaman and someone who uses mantras and prayers when I work, I have developed my own way of working that incorporates simple shamanic tools that I have found to be very helpful when doing craniosacral.

This class is for six student who would like to study with me.

We will meet for a three day Module every other month, starting in Feb.

I will post what we will cover and it will unfold as the class unfolds.

My goal is to cover the material in eight Modules.

As an apprentice, you can work closely with me and vise versa.

It is an excellent way to learn.

I ask that you commit to the entire training to keep the integrity of the class.

The entire training  you can receive 39 hrs of CEU’s from NCBTMB as I am an Approved Provider.

Each Module is $375

Class will begin 2019

  • February 15th, 17th
  • April 12-14
  • June 14-16
  • Aug 16-18
  • Oct.18-20
  • Dec. 13-15

2020 Dates TBA

You will need to send a deposit of $375 that goes towards the last class.

Payment for each class is due one week before.

You can pay using Pay Pal, send a check or pay in cash.

When you apply, please write me an application letter stating why you wish to study with me and what you would like to get out of this training. I also like to know what support you receive as far as bodywork as this class can bring up deep issues and I want you to have therapeutic support outside of

The Breath of Life

the classroom.

We will cover in this class:

  • History of Cranial Work
  • The Original Matrix and CS Concepts and The Breath of Life
  • Primary Respiration and The Breath of Life
  • The Three Tides
  • Presence and Listening and Boundaries
  • Stillpoints
  • Five Core Aspects
  • Perception and Asesement
  • Resourcing and working with Trauma
  • The Dura, Falx , Tentorium and the Diaphrams
  • Fulcums and Dynamic Stillness
  • The Ventricles and Brain Nerves
  • The Bones
  • Inherent Treatment Plan and the Holistic Shift
  • Inertial Fulcrums
  • The Sphenoid and the SBJ
  • Facial Dynamics and Hard Palete
  • Compression Issues and TMJ
  • Shamanic Clearing of Entities in the Energy Field
  • Bon Mantras  for each Chakra
  • Venous Sinus Drainage

If you need to know more about Biodynamic Work, look under Lifeworks on my home page and read under Biodynamic Craniosacral.

I would encourage you to receive a session from me also if you have not experienced the work.

Please feel free to call me also with questions. 240-441-7673 or-email me at

Price include 3% charge for credit card processing.

You can also e-mail me at for my info.

This training is a provider of CEU’s

for the NBMTC for 39 hrs.

Rose’s cranial work has evolved over 35 years of practicing and teaching,

combining the wisdom from a biodynamic and shamanic approach to craniosacral healing.

For more information, please look under Life Work on the Home Page and you will go to the page for info on Biodynamic Craniosacral Work.

Hope to see you there!